“The sound of Canadian Brass with choir has been an essential part of our history since the beginning, touring internationally with the Festival Singers of Canada. From this this long tradition we can confidently express our admiration and respect for the excellence exhibited by the The Choral Project in our shared concert this past January 1914. From the brilliant choral work to the inspired selection of music, Artistic Director Daniel Hughes proved to be a skilled colleague. This was a collaboration we will be hoping to soon repeat!”

~ The Canadian Brass
(Chris Coletti, Caleb Hudson, Bernhard Scully, Achilles Liarmakopoulos, Chuck Daellenbach)


“Daniel Hughes is one of the most talented choral conductors to have come through our training program at San Jose State University. His work with The Choral Project has been remarkable. One only has to listen to their many compact discs or attend one of their concerts to recognize that he has trained a first-rate choir capable of great nuance and gorgeous sounds. They perform a wide variety of literature, always put together with interesting themes. Daniel has superb taste in literature and it always shows. Daniel’s musical knowledge and talent was obvious from an early age. His pianistic skills have enabled him to work with Master Voice teachers and to accompany many solo artists. He has absorbed ideas and technical information from everyone he has ever been in contact with: vocal technique, conducting technique, repertoire, style, diction, languages, anything to do with singing. This broad knowledge enables him to give workshops and clinics on many phases of the choral and vocal art. It is rare to find a teacher with so many areas of expertise.”

~ Dr. Charlene Archibeque
Professor Emeritus, San José State University


“If there was one thing about The Choral Project that struck me most, it was the total commitment of sound and concentration that Daniel extracted from each of the forty voices involved, and through meticulous rehearsal, bound that enthusiasm to create a sound that was unified, utterly compelling, and yet never forced.”

~ Nick Abbott
Cambridge Organ Scholar


“Daniel is very musical. His attention to detail on every level is a composer’s dream. His choir is always beautifully prepared. Their tone is rich and warm when needed, bright and brassy when needed, and at all times committed to the passionate expression of the texts. He has developed a first-rate chorus!”

[On recording his “American Hymn” Mass]:
“The organization of the recording session was great, and his conducting of the orchestra and chorus was clear and expressive. He had terrific rapport with the chorus and orchestra. Clearly everyone respected his leadership and enjoyed the process of his music making.”

~ Dr. Ron Kean
Former Director of Choral Activities, Bakersfield College • Composer


“Daniel Hughes is one of the finest all-round musicians and best colleagues that I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Nimble fingers, quick wit, and the ability to draw sumptuous sound from human assemblage….what more can I say?”

~ Barbara Day Turner
Music Director, San José Chamber Orchestra
Conductor/Music Admin., Utah Festival Orchestra


“Daniel Hughes is a terrific musical director. I had the pleasure of working with him in a concert with singer Elizabeth Campisi, for which he did an impeccable job. And I was greatly impressed at a concert of his superb ensemble The Choral Project, meticulously conducted and sung with a rare combination of passion and subtlety.”

~ Stephen Schwartz
Award-winning Broadway and Film composer (Wicked, Godspell, Pippin, Prince of Egypt)


“Daniel Hughes is an excellent vocal coach and a fine musical director. On the more than five occasions I have had the pleasure of doing productions with him, I have also found him a valuable collaborator who brings a vast amount of talent, know how, and taste to each project. As a teacher of the musical theatre repertoire he is in a class that I would include only a few others in. And as an accompanist, he has one of the finest pair of hands in the business.”

~ Marc Jacobs
Award-winning stage director


“Having studied with several voice teachers over the years and never really feeling that I had a strong vocal technique, I instantly grasped Daniel’s teaching methods. I could see the love and dedication he has committed in studying the voice as a meticulously practiced musical instrument which inspired me to explore my full range. He helped me to discover where my voice is blocked, which muscles I am holding, and by achieving a relaxed and ready state to let the voice go free. What is unique in his teaching is his understanding of phrasing, laying emphasis on his students to not only make strong choices as singers, but as actors.”

~ Elsa Carmona
Award-winning actor (former ‘Eponine’ in Les Misérables, Broadway)



• 2013 Artist Laureate Award (“On Stage” category)

• 2011 The American Prize (Conducting category)

• 2010 Silicon Valley Arts & Business Award

• 1st Place, 2nd Place, and 3rd Place
    2007 California International Choral Competition

• 2nd Place
    2004 Llangollen International Eisteddfod, Wales

• 4th Prize
    1996 International Choral Competition, Gorizia, Italy

• 2nd Prize
    1995 ACDA National Conducting Competition

• Cadena Memorial Accompanying Scholarship

• “Staffman of the Year” ~ Camp Oljato, 1988, (BSA)

• California Arts Scholar Award 1987