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Works for Solo Piano:

“Bagatelle in F” (1980)

“Danzas Españolas” (1980)

“Denali” from Alaska Suite (1996)

“A Grove” from Oljato Suite (1988)

“Interlude, No. 1 in F  ~ for Kathleen” (1991)

“Interlude, No. 2 in A-flat ~ for Sheila” (1997)

“Jota” (1983)

“Remembrance” (1978)

“Solitude No. 1, in D minor” (1989)

“Solitude No. 2, in B-flat minor” (1989)

“Starlight on the Waters” from Oljato Suite (1988)

“Tempestuoso” (1986)

“Unrequited” (1991)

“Variations on a Theme by Paganini” (1987)


For Voice & Piano:

“Songs of Parting”

1. So We’ll Go No More A-Roving [poetry: Lord Byron] (1988)

2. Crossing the Bar [poetry: Lord Alfred Tennyson] (1989)

3. In Flight [poetry: Daniel Hughes] (1990)

“My Belovèd” [poetry: Daniel Hughes] (1995)

“Epitaph” [poetry: Denise Levertov] (1991)

“La Guitarra” [poetry: Federico García Lorca] (1993)

“Magnum Opus” [poetry: Daniel Hughes] (1991)

“Prayer” for high voice & piano, or organ [Psalm 140: 1; Psalm 18:2] (1991)

“Three Moods” 12 tone work for mezzo-soprano, English horn, oboe, & piano [poetry: Daniel Hughes] (1990)


For Choir:

“Alleluia, Hosanna” (SAB; organ)

“A-Wassailing” (SATB divisi; piano)

“Buenas Noches, Mariquita (traditional Chilean carol)” (SATB div. [unaccompanied]; optional accompaniment of strings, 2 guitars & harp [keyboard reduction])

“Babethandaza” (South African folksong) Santa Barbara Music Publishing

“Eso rigor e repente” ~ Gaspar Fernandes, (ed. Daniel Hughes)

“Gesù Bambino” (SATB; piano; flute, oboe, or violin obbligato)

“Gesù Bambino” (TTBB; piano; flute, oboe or violin obbligato)

“In Light” (SATB, string orchestra)

“Invisible Voices” (choir; strings; tuned wine glasses; handbell ensemble; overtone singers)

“Irish Blessing” (SATB; unaccompanied) Santa Barbara Music Publishing

“La Virgen Va Caminando (traditional Spanish carol)” (SATB [unaccompanied]; optional accompaniment of strings & harp [keyboard reduction])

“Landlord Fill the Flowing Bowl” (SATB divisi; unaccompanied) • Fred Bock Music Publishing

“LEGACY” (SSAATTBB, three tenor soloists, three soprano soloists; brass ensemble [2 trumpets, horn, trombone, tuba], percussion, piano)

“Mary’s Lullaby” (SATB divisi; piano)

“My Belovèd” (SATB; piano)

“Не пой, красавица, при мне” ~ Sergei Rachmaninov, arr. Daniel Hughes (SSA; piano)

Requiem æternam (SATB divisi; unaccompanied) [in process]

“Sanctus” from Requiem æternam (SATB divisi; unaccompanied)

“Sing to the Lord a New Song” (SATB; piano; organ)

“So We’ll Go No More A-Roving” (SATB; piano) Santa Barbara Music Publishing

“So We’ll Go No More A-Roving” (TTBB; piano)

“Sto mi e milo” (Macedonian folksong; SSA; unaccompanied) • earthsongs music

“Sto mi e milo” (Macedonian folksong, TTB; unaccompanied) • earthsongs music

“TRIQUETRA: A Canticle of the Trinity” (SATB; fl., ob., cl., hrn., ‘cello, harp, organ, timp., percussion)


1. Introit

2. Ye Must Be Born

3. O Breath of God


1. The Lord is My Shepherd

2. Father, God of all Creation

3. Love & Charity


1. A Prayer for the Fallen

2. Deliver Me, Lord

3. Canticle of Simeon

“Turn Ye to Me” (Scottish folksong; SATB divisi; unaccompanied)

“Weep O Mine Eyes” (SSAATTBB; unaccompanied) ~ John Bennet/Daniel Hughes

“Winter Pantoum” (SATB; strings & harp)

“Wer nur den lieben Gott läßt walten” (SATB divisi; unaccompanied)

“Your Soul is Song” (SSAATTBB divisi; unaccompanied)